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Specialists in food trucks, trailers and container customization.

We are the world's largest manufacturer of Food Trucks with four locations around the globe. As a custom metal fabricator, we design and manufacture according to customer requirements and specifications. Using highly skilled workers and only the best quality raw materials, we can fabricate high-quality, long-lasting products.

FOOD TRUCK SOUTH FLORIDA provides the ultimate in mobile catering vehicles intended to provide you with limitless options in affordable and customizable packages. Our multiple lines of vehicles allow you to choose between a variety of options to ensure that your mobile dining enterprise is a success.

​We follow all regulations in regards to your City By-Laws, Health Inspectors Guidelines, Fire Department, ESA (Electrical Safety Authority), and the TSSA (Technical Standards & Safety Authority).

As per our experience, the quality of your food is essential for a successful business however equally important is the look of your truck or concession trailer. If you look professional and your unit looks good your business will thrive at Food Truck South Florida we want our customers to be pleased with our products and service. With our many years in business, we know the value of customer satisfaction. We look forward to the opportunity to serve you!


                                           We Are the Manufacturer
We are a custom metal fabricator, so we design and manufacture whatever you need according to your requirements and specifications. We use only the best quality raw materials to ensure their durability.

                                            We Offer Limitless Options
Because of our ability to design and manufacture, we are able to provide limitless variations of options for your food truck. We have a huge line up of vehicles so that you can pick the options that will ensure your success.

                                            Value of Experience
Food Truck South Florida has been around for 16 years. Because of our expertise in this industry and our ample experience, we are able to provide you with not only the best quality products but also top-notch service with a unique insight for your specific needs.